August 11, 2008

The Lakers' New Guard: Lamar Odom?

The Los Angeles Lakers are contemplating to put Lamar Odom into the back court in tandem with point guard Derek Fisher.

According to a  report from ESPN, which ironically focused on the Lakers' signing of Sun Yue, the "Chinese Magic Johnson." The addition of Sun Yue still has to make any impact on the Lakers rotations, because since he played point guard in China, that puts the potential PG rotation to Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Yue.

Going back to Odom being a guard, it really is a unconventional positioning in light of moves like Kevin Durant as a shooting guard for Oklahoma City or even Magic Johnson as point guard for the Lakers in the 1980's. Odom does have the agility, but he does not have the speed to run against  shifty guards like Tony Parker and Gilbert Arenas of the league.

My prediction? The Lamar Odom Experiment will result in a trade for a real guard.



  1. Hmmm...If he's the Chinese Magic Johnson, the Lakers should start him.

    I think the Lakers should trade Lamar for Vince Carter and throw him at SF and put Kobe back at SG. That would be an awesome lineup...

  2. Hello Filbert,

    I think Vince Carter plays no defense and would be semi-worthless in the Western Confrence.

  3. i think lamar is the only player in the league who can play 1-5 nobody else in the league can do it he provides good scoring great rebounding and great passing

  4. 5? Can you imagine him playing Dwight Howard?

  5. imagine it? we are watching it happen! and lakers are ripping it



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