June 3, 2008

Dream Finals Come True: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers versus the Boston Celtics.

Now that's what a Dream NBA Finals come true.

No offense to the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons, but another Spurs-Pitsons finale might have killed the league from an enjoyment point of view. Even when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers met the Spurs last year, there was no sparks flew-- nobody cared even when they were playing basketball.

But "Lakers versus Celtics"? Everyone's already anticipating the Finals even before the games start. That's what 21 years of waiting does usually.

1987 was the last time the two storied franchises met in the NBA Finals and the Lakers won it six games and the series defining moment was Magic Johnson's "Junior, Junior, Junior Sky Hook" in Game 4. Now it's up the new generation of Lakers and Celtics to create their own mystique and add to the fabled Lakers-Celtics rivalry.

The Lakers lost both their meetings in the regular reason and I wonder how Pau Gasol will affect the outcomes of the games as he did not play in those two games. At those times, the Lakers had yet to get their swagger and groove in playing as a team. Their current playoff record of 12-3 shows that they have jelled together better late in the season.

Kobe Bryant also has a chance to brand 2008 as "Year of the Kobe" as he has won the MVP for the first time in his career and a championship ring would be the ultimate piece to complete his stellar season.

So how do I think the series will play out? Lakers win NBA championship in five.



  1. i love you like a brother, but the lakers are sooo going down. :)

  2. @ jesse:

    Oh, you mean like the Spurs in the WCF? :P


    It’s June ag’in, an’ I’m feelin’ joy
    That’s sure to come this time of year for every Laker boy
    For every June the NBA finals my be seen
    With those everlasting memories, of Magic, Worthy, A.C. an’ Kareem

    The Laker girls wave pom poms, an’ do a little dance
    An’ Laker boys tell Blazer Boys, next years’ another chance
    It’s June ag’in, an’ with all happiness in min’
    I’m rootin for the Lakers, an’ if your smart, you’d better join’

    One year we played the Sixers, the first year of Magic’s reign
    Although the Lakers won the series, Norm Nixon left with pain
    And twice we played the Pistons, an’ had a heap of fun
    But the best of all the finals were with those pushy Bostonians

    With Larry Bird an’ Parrish, D.J., Ainge, and Kevin McHale
    The way they pushed and shoved, to try an’ make the Lakers’ fail
    Oh…yes those bully Bostonians gave it yer so fine
    But when the Lakers come to play, they win it most everytime

    Yes, at this time of year the Lakers have a special claim on me
    Cuz now the Lakers have Lamar and Kobe on National TV
    Why should all those crazy fans out west
    Think jus cuz Shaq is gone, the Lakers aren’t still the best

    They’ve added Pua Gasol, Jordan, Sasha, an’ young Luke to help them win
    An’ Phil is there to teach them… his special form of Zen
    Derek Fisher is back, an’ Jack Nicholson is front row center
    Makin’ sure all the folks at home… get to see the stars at Staple Center

    Some people call it tinsel town, and like to see the Lakers beat
    But even Pat Riley counts his lucky stars… he had the Champs before he had the Heat
    However hateful their opponents elsewise may be
    Their doctrine of “Showtime” basketball lives on in the 21st Centuree

    So… once ag’in we’ll play the Celtics, different faces we will see
    An’ MVP Kobe Bryant and the lads … want nothin’ less than total victory
    The sits will fill with legends, the court with stories to be told
    It’s goin’ be a great one, with every ticket sold

    It’s June ag’in, an’ the purple an’ gold lookin’ mighty fine
    They’re goin’ have the Finals, an’ ag’in it’s Laker-Time

  4. I'm hesitantly optimistic. I REALLY want to see the Mighty Lakers win this thing, for a variety of reasons.

    Perhaps most of all is that I think we have a good team to overtake the Celtics in the total number of titles.

    We presently have 14 to their 16, losing only compounds the problem so that winning a three-peat would only give us a tie.

    No, we have to make a statement this year, for Kobe and for the Lakers faithful. We need some more revenge for those many years Jerry West & Co. were 2nd best.

    The 80s version only netted us a gain of 1 championship.

    Let's get 'er done.

    If we can steal one in Boston, Lakers in 5 is not absurd. But, if down 2-0, we're REALLY gonna have our work cut out for us.



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