November 15, 2008

Damn you, Rasheed Wallace!

It's now official: The Detroit Pistons have the Los Angeles Lakers' number.

And one particular player who kept on dialing it is Rasheed Wallace.

In the first match-up between the Lakers and the Pistons in the season, Wallace shot 4-9 from deep, scoring 25 points in the process, plus adding 13 rebounds and 2 blocks. He helped his team give the Lakers their first loss of the season, 106-95.

Wallace was the X-factor in the 2004 NBA Finals series between the Lakers and the Pistons and he has proved again he'll kill the Lakers with his shooting and defense.

Damn you, Rasheed Wallace!



  1. I was so bummed by that game. Didn't think that the Pistons would or any team would take them out on their home court. But I think the speed is what got the Lakers mostly. I mean AI is still like a little bumble bee and Wallace well just a matter of time before Bynum is a bit mature and will handle him in their second meeting (I hope).

  2. Hey Cori,

    I guess we really can't go 82-0, huh? Maybe the Lakers can avoid a 2-game losing streak. :)

  3. Well, one loss for the Lakers at this early stage doesn't change the fact that they are the team to beat this season. It will be Lakers vs. any team who can dispose Boston or Detroit in the playoffs!
    And that's my fearless forecast (Sorry Hawk fans but your early celebration is pretty premature)

    Btw, Regnald... i have tried joing your screensucked's Wii party contest since last week but somethings's wrong with the comment box of that post.

    So, is it okey if i'll post my entry in this post? Well, I'm Mario then, now and beyond!!!



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