December 3, 2008

Damn You, Troy Murphy!


The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the struggling Indiana Pacers on a freakin' tip-in by Troy Murphy on the very last second. Final score? 118-117.

After the third quarter, the Lakers were poised to walk away with another win leading by 15 points. Then what happened? They were outscored 32-16 in the last quarter! I've seen this lack of defense from the team coming-- the Lakers have not been playing well at all despite riding a winning streak.

I guess I'm eating my words right now after predicting that the Boston Celtics will lose before the Los Angeles Lakers.

Damn you, Troy Murphy!


1 comment:

  1. Talk about a disappointment but have to concede that the Lakers left the door open for them. You pointed out in the past how the defense has been failing and now we ended up with the result of it. Maybe Phil will now act because before he probably didn't care since they were winning.



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