March 10, 2009

Lakers Humiliated in Portland

I knew the Los Angeles Lakers would have a struggle in the next few games, but not THIS bad.

The Lakers were humiliated by the Portland Trailblazers to the tune of 111-94. Ugh! This loss is the Lakers' worst of the season and the seventh straight in Portland.

I have to be honest here: The Portland Trailblazers is one of my hated teams this season. Why? Because I read some bozo's blog post that lambasted the Lakers and ever since, I've derived joy whenever the Blazers encounter setbacks. (Yeah, it's schadenfreude).

The Lakers' loss was just simply vexing. The team stumbled out of the gate, shot poorly throughout the game, and in frustration, injured Rudy Fernandez in a hard play by Trevor Ariza. (Ariza has maintained that he wasn't intending anything malicious).

This game is definitely forgettable and the Lakers should look to shrug this loss in their next games against the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets.

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