April 8, 2009

Lakers Bench Comes Alive in Win

I kinda expected that the Los Angeles Lakers would be going away with a victory over the struggling Sacramento Kings, but not with Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol playing limited time in the forth quarter.

Instead, we see Luke Walton dishing and scoring, Shannon Brown playing great energy and Sasha Vujacic bringing the house down with a monster jam over two Kings. (That last one is not a joke-- Sasha did slam the ball on the grill of two Kings).

The scoreboard read 122-104, and the Kings did not offer much resistance in the fourth. It's good that the bench mob took care of business because the Lakers will be facing the tough Denver Nuggets in Los Angeles in a potential late playoff match-up two days from now.

With the win, the Lakers gave closed the gap between them and the Cleveland Cavaliers to a half game for the best record in the NBA.

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