April 21, 2009

Lakers Need To Improve Defense in Playoffs

When the regular season ended, the Los Angeles Lakers' win-loss record read 65-17, good for #1 seed in the NBA's Western Conference and #2 over-all.

To get that record, the Lakers relied on offense (third in the league in team scoring and second in team field goals made) and execution. I think nobody will argue that the Lakers found a successful formula for the regular season, but for the playoffs? 

The Lakers has only played one game in the NBA playoffs so far, and and I think their first game is one of habit-- that they still relied on offense to win the game. They out-executed the Utah Jazz in the first half, but did not defend well in the second, which led to a mini-Jazz comeback. Lakers coach Phil Jackson has expressed his dismay of the Lakers' defensive effort on that game's second half.

I'm not saying that the Lakers should scrap their offensive sets, but they should definitely shore up their defense. If not, we may see what the Lakers discovered last playoffs: In a playoff match between defense and offense, defense wins.


1 comment:

  1. We no longer have the Kobe of old either. I miss that guy and I believe if he does not show up for the playoffs, Laker will not get another ring this year.

    Our team has got to accept that now is the time to elevate their game and not treat it as a regular season game.



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