January 2, 2010

On Kobe's Buzzer Beaters: I'm NOT Impressed

Alex Gallardo / Associated Press / January 1, 2010

It's the Los Angeles Lakers' first game of the decade it came down the wire and none other than Kobe Bryant saved the team on a buzzer beater three.

As a spectator of the game, I think that was one helluva shot. But as a Lakers fan, I'm not impressed. Why? Because the Lakers should be disposing of teams like the Sacramento Kings easily, like blowing them out of the arena by 20 points or more. In two games the Lakers faced the Kings, the Kings almost won if not for their late game breakdowns.

Look, these are not the Kings of old-- they don't have Chris Webber, Doug Christie, and Vlade Divac. If you ask me, they have no business giving the Lakers scares down the stretch because their best player is a rookie who can shoot the ball very well (and he wasn't even playing in their last game). The Lakers should be steamrolling with a lineup of at least three All-Star caliber players.

Maybe it was the Holiday mood that made the Lakers become lax in the last couple of weeks, where the team is only 5-2. If the Lakers had not stepped up in the clutch, that would have been a 3-4 record. Either way, I'm not happy with how the Lakers finished 2009.

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