February 1, 2010

Kobe Jumper Sinks Celtics

The game was classic Lakers versus Celtics: physical play and a see-saw battle for the lead. But Kobe Bryant eventually stamped his name in the ending.

With the Los Angeles Lakers down by a point with less than 15 seconds to go, the team was on the verge of getting defeated. The Celtics were playing superb team defense-- the same defense that helped them build an early 11-point fourth quarter lead-- and the Lakers were moving the ball around looking for an open man. Kobe Bryant got the ball at the right side of the court.

It wasn't a clean look for Kobe as Ray Allen was playing solid one-on-one D. As soon as Kobe reached the foul line, he faked left, then right, then jumped away from Allen. At the middle of his jump, he unleashed a jumper that opponents have dreaded and the result was the same: SWISH. 7 seconds remaining on the clock.

The Celtics failed to capitalize on the ensuing possession and the Lakers walked away from Boston with a tough win. The Lakers also put a huge question mark on the Celtics' ability to win against elite teams.

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