February 15, 2010

Lakers Grades at the 2010 All-Star Weekend

The Los Angeles Lakers has been very active in participating in the NBA All-Star Weekend and the team members have performed pretty well in past All-Star Games (Kobe Bryant won the All-Star MVP three times and Shaquille O'Neal won MVP two times as a Laker in the past decade). How did the Lakers fare this year?
Here are my grades to the Lakers who had something to do with the 2010 events:
  • Kobe Bryant (INC.) - He skipped the most-attended basketball game in Dallas due to a nagging ankle injury. It's a good call for the franchise but a big hit in Kobe's All-Star Weekend resume. 
  • Pau Gasol - (B+) - He was brilliant with Brent Barry and Marie Ferdinand-Harris on the NBA Shooting Stars competition (They finished second), but Pau was a "meh" in the All-Star Game. The game is the third All-Star Game for his career, but he only managed to score 13 points and grab 6 boards in a no-defense game.
  • Shannon Brown (F) - Don't get me wrong. Shannon Brown is an accomplished in-game dunker, but failed to elevate his status as a dunk artist in the 2010 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The hype leading into the competition really got Lakers fans riled up, but the contest was HUGE letdown. Maybe next year Shannon.
Now that the All-Star Weekend is done, maybe it's time to focus on trading for that point guard eh?

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