October 30, 2007

L.A. Lakers 2007-2008 Season Preview

This will be the last post for the 2007-2008 off-season and what fitting way to conclude it by looking at how the web and experts are forecasting the Lakers' chances this coming season.
  1. NBA.com's preview and simulation says that the Lakers will finish 6th in the NBA Western Conference.
  2. ESPN.com's experts are picking the Lakers to finish 8th-9th on the Western Conference.
  3. Sports Illustrated is not giving a number, but says that the Lakers' chances to reach deep in the playoffs are very dim.
  4. Surprisingly, Fox Sports' Charley Rosen is saying the Lakers could be the West's surprise team.
  5. Sportsline is estimating the Lakers' 3rd place finish... in the Pacific Division.
  6. The Sporting News seems to agree with the experts' consensus: The Lakers do not have the pieces to compete on a high level.
So what do the articles tell us on what to expect? Don't expect much from the Lakers and I agree. With the Kobe debacle and his impending trade, the Lakers could be a distracted team from the get go. If they lose a lot in the first 20 games, expect Kobe to be shipped and Lamar Odom to step up.

My prediction: 45 wins with Kobe till April, 35 wins if Kobe is traded by February. Playoffs: 7th-8th.

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