January 14, 2008

Andrew Bynum Injures Knee

This is just perfect.

Just when the Lakers are hitting their stride and starting the year strong, Lakers center Andrew Bynum hurts his knee in a win against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Bynum collided with teammate Lamar Odom in the third quarter and fell on the floor clutching his knee in pain. X-rays reveal no fracture, but an MRI is scheduled. Bynum will mis the Lakers' next game.

The rest of the frontline, particularly Kwame Brown and Ronny Turiaf, must step for the Lakers during Bynum's absence or we'll have another repeat of the Lakers' meltdown last season.



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  2. just when his game is rising up, bynum gets hit with an injury. hopefully he heals quickly.

    Bynum Injured



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