November 4, 2007

D'Antoni: We Bust the Lakers in the Playoffs every Year

After the Lakers demolished a tired Phoenix Suns to the score of 119-98, Suns coach Mike D'Antoni had a few spicy words to Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, regarding the latter's decision to call a timeout right after D'Antoni called one.
Yeah, I was pretty upset, I thought he disrespected our players. But he likes to play the mind games and that's fine. He might want to try to do it in playoff time when we bust them every year.
Countered Jackson:
He wasn't thinking straight. That's all. He'd understand that if he thought about it for a second. I think he thought I was trying to showboat or grandstand. But when you have a mandatory timeout coming in a minute and a half or something like that, just get it out of the way.
Interesting. I smell a L.A. Lakers-Sacramento Queens type of mini-rivalry in the works.



  1. hello idiot?! I hate the suns 10x worse than the kings. The smell of the suns/lakers rivalry is the dominating aroma. Please demonstrate marginal intelligence or I'll water torture you.

  2. Good defense by the Los Angeles Lakers drama boys, if only we could patch up the difference, this will be a Los Angeles good season. They are running, switching in defense, rebounding see those efforts. We don't have yet the Lakers team down.

    I which I could see some Lakers games live. I was looking for tickets all the good seats on ticketmaster were taken I had to check broker. And man you don’t want to do that especially for the Los Angeles Lakers. Thanks god there sites like Ticketwood which work as comparators here is the site

    I like slam dunks that take me to the hoop my favorite play is the ally-hoop,
    I like the pic n roll,i like the given goal its basketball yo, yo lets go!
    Go Lakers Go!!!



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