November 8, 2007

Fantasy NBA: Lakers you should Pick up

I'm playing Fantasy NBA right now and in our league, I'm quite disappointed. Why? Because Lamar Odom is in my fantasy squad. I'm really torn in keeping him or Boris Diaw (who has been equally disappointing), but given that I'm in a shallow league, I can opt to wait till Odom comes back and hopefully averages 16-10-5.

However, if you're in a very deep league with over 14 teams, there may be fantasy steals you can look for this early in the season:
  1. Andrew Bynum - Averaging a double-double, with roughly 10 points and 10 rebounds, plus a block. Nice pick-up as a backup center.
  2. Derek Fisher - Old Laker fave is getting solid points (14/game), plus very solid free throw percentage and getting a couple of steals.
  3. Luke Walton - Still a stat sheet stuffer (8-5-5) for a backup, but FT% has been low.
  4. Kwame Brown - Bust! 8 rebounds and 1 block could be useful in some leagues.

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