March 3, 2008

Is Kobe Bryant the NBA's MVP?

The Los Angeles Lakers' latest winning streak was stopped in Portland, setting the longest streak of the season to 10 games.

Kobe Bryant seems to have an idea of starting a new winning streak as the Lakers beat the new-look Dallas Mavericks in overtime, 108-104. Bryant poured in a season-high 52 points, his first 50-point game of the season, with 30 points coming in the final 17 minutes of play.

This performance may be considered another case for Kobe's first ever regular season Most Valuable Player award. The knock against Kobe has been the perennial "does not make his teammates better" argument, but this season may be different. Kobe has tempered his offensive output a bit to facilitate his improving teammates and has played defense despite a pinkie injury.

If Kobe doesn't win the award this season, expect NBA conspiracy theories to fly over the internet and media.

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