March 15, 2008

Lakers Lose Big Time; Pau Gasol Injured

The Lakers visited the New Orleans Hornets and came out losers-- they lost the game by 10 points, 108-98, and more importantly, they lost key acquisition Pau Gasol to injury.

This is kinda ironic since I just read from Yahoo's Roy Johnson's blog post questioning Bynum's return to the Lakers this season. Now, if Gasol's injury proves to me severe, there is absolutely no question that Bynum's return is a must for the Lakers to go deep into the NBA playoffs. As of this time, there is still no final word on the severity to Pau Gasol's injury-- the reports all say it's a sprained ankle.

Pau Gasol has proved to be instrumental in the Laker's run to the top of the NBA's tough Western Conference. He has been averaging 19 point and 9 rebounds and a key component in the Lakers' Triangle Offense and pick and rolls. His presence has allowed forward Lamar Odom to be more of a facilitator/perimeter player than be a grinder in the low post. I'm hoping the injury is not as bad, otherwise, Kobe might as well have surgery in his pinkie.

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