March 6, 2008

Sorry LeBron, You are NOT the MVP

Dear LeBron,

First of all, I'm not a hater-- in fact, I have high respect for your over-all game. You're stats are the best across the board in of the league. You're the leader of your team and you're a fan favorite.

Actually, you are a lot more but there is one thing you are not-- the NBA's Most Valuable Player.

You play in the watered down Eastern Conference and yet you're leading a Cleveland Cavaliers squad a few games over .500. The MVP voters have a penchant of avoiding star players on pedestrian elite teams. I also think your team's record suggests you do not make your teammates better. In fact, your team's GM overhauled your team since you were not take the past roster to a higher level.

For all your marvelous stats, you are not clutch. In the years you are in the league, you have yet to consistently show your guts in pressure-packed clutch situations. Your tomahawk jams are very much appreciated, but I'd like to see you jam through 5 defenders with 3 seconds left in the clock with your team down by 2.

I hope this short letter reaches you. Don't worry, I'm sure you will win the MVP award eventually.


Big Lakers Fan

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