April 13, 2008

Lakers Win Pacific Division Crown

In what could be the most fitting way, the Lakers are the Pacific Division Champs after winning over the New Orleans Hornets.

The Hornets and the Lakers are now locked in a tie for the top seen in the Western Conference after the Hornets lost to the Sacramento Kings (who probably are relishing their role as spoil-sports). The Lakers own the tie-breaker over the Hornets.

What's more important now is the upcoming game against rival San Antonio Spurs. That game has huge playoff implications. The Lakers are only half a game ahead of the Spurs and a loss against them could drop them to #5, assuming the Houston Rockets win against the Denver Nuggets. By the way, that game is very crucial in Denver's playoff hopes.

So the Lakers is in a MUST WIN situation against the Spurs, who could be their biggest hurdle to playoff glory.

Who would have thought the last couple of regular season games had so much at cost? My hats off to the NBA games schedulers. :D

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