June 14, 2008

Lakers on the Brink

If you surf the internet and look for the words used by most journalists to describe the Los Angeles Lakers' 97-91 loss, two words come up: collapse and meltdown.

But as a fan, the game was just a disaster. People can breakdown the game any way they want but the fact of the matter is the Lakers faded and the Boston Celtics were more than happy to get the win and take a 3-1 lead.

Make no mistake, a two game deficit is not impossible to overcome for the Lakers-- provided that Tracy McGrady is playing for the Celtics. But all signs indicate that the Lakers as a team have not been able to respond and play their brand of basketball in the series to get a convincing win. Game 4 may be the turning point in the Finals-- the one people will remember as how the 2008 NBA Championship was dramatically shaped by the Celtics.

As for Game 5, I'm just hoping the Lakers will give one big fight-- no collapses, no meltdowns and no disasters.

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