October 27, 2008

Scout's Take on the Lakers' 2008-2009 Season

I found this very good and insightful scouting article about the Los Angeles Lakers. Here's an excerpt:
"...I think the Lakers were really surprised that they reached the Finals, but that success isn't going to mask the issues they have in terms of trying to win the whole thing. They're still a young team, and their style is more finesse than physical, with Kobe [Bryant]'s top teammates being finesse players in Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. I don't see that other talented guy on this team who has the tough buck-stops-with-me demeanor that Kobe has. Kobe needs a secondary star and leader, and he still doesn't have it."
The scout's take can be found at Sports Illustrated's Enemy Lines series.


1 comment:

  1. I think this writer is absolutely correct in his story. The lakers do need a secondary star who can be consistent at scoring and playing defense along with Kobe night end and night out. To compare, Boston has three of those kind of players in Pierce, Garnett, and Allen.



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