October 24, 2008

People Like the Lakers' Chances in 2008-2009

The 2008-2009 NBA season is just a few days away and there are a lot of season previews all over the web. So far, the previews are putting the Los Angeles Lakers in a "favorite to win the Western Conference" position.

Here's a rundown of the NBA season previews:

If there's one thing the previews say, the Los Angeles Lakers are entering the season with sky high expectations. So let's see if Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakers can deliver.


1 comment:

  1. Yo all you true purple and gold fans out there listen to this: So I found some sick pictures I have never seen before of KOBE Bryant and Andrew Bynum, and of course the rest of the lakers team. Check out this web site:http://nba.com/greetingcards -i already got 2 pictures from there and they are sick- make a great gift to family and friends- just wanted to let everyone know about it. plus someone told me they had a facebook group so i go check that out also.

    In regards to the lakers this year, not too worried about kobe’s knee’ he will ne fine. Bynum this is your year to shine- you got to show me something. By the way, did anyone else see that ex laker SMUSH PARKER got waived by i belive the heat? any chance we pick him up in case Farmar emplodes? Let me know what you think. Go LA LAKERS



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