November 7, 2008

Lakers beat Clippers... Again!

Even though this happens almost every season, I never get tired of seeing the Los Angeles Lakers beat their cross-town rivals Los Angeles Clippers.

In their first of two games for the second week of the season, the Lakers thumped the Clips in the fourth quarter to score a 106-88 win. The Lakers looked like they were in trouble early in the last quarter, but thanks to a 22-0 run, they sealed the deal. Kobe Bryant led them with 27 points and Andrew Bynum had 17 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.

One Clipper that's getting some attention is forward Al Thornton. He seems to have a Josh Howard-type game and he's very eager to play, despite being in a franchise known for chalking up L's through out the season.

The Lakers are now riding a four-game winning streak, their best start since 2002-2003.


1 comment:

  1. Who ever said that the Los Angeles Lakers lost their flame in the NBA has to definitely have a talk with Mr. Raquedan!
    History overlooks the Will Chamberlain, the Babe Ruth, and now its Kobe's time to shine. Kobe definitely shows his aptitude with the efforts of becoming the greatest. All I have to say is that Kobe Bryant deserves what he has accepted upon himself; Greatness-Love for the game-endorsements :)

    -Joey D



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