December 12, 2008

At 18-3, Lakers' Record Looks Deceiving

An 18-3 win-loss record is impressive in the NBA, by any measure. But if you're looking at the Los Angeles Lakers on how they been playing lately, it's really an inflated record.

If you ask me, the Lakers should be 15-6, because there are three games the Lakers should have lost based on their play. The team has been blowing leads, exchanging baskets with opponents and simply not taking care of the ball. I don't see the separation the Lakers had from the rest of the league during the first weeks of the season. I honestly can't see them miles and miles away from the San Antonio SpursDenver Nuggets, New Orleans Hornets and the upcoming Portland Trailblazers. The Lakers struggled to get a win against a decimated Phoenix Suns team.

The Lakers played well in the season's two weeks thats why they're ahead in the West. Yes, they're scraping wins from the league, but let's see once the big guns (Read: Boston Celtics & Cleveland Cavaliers) come to town.


Photo by Lori Shepler, Los Angeles Times
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