December 29, 2008

Lakers Clobber Warriors

What's the best way to follow up the Los Angeles Lakers' biggest regular season game of 2008? A blow-out win would definitely be one of them.

The Lakers battled the Golden State Warriors in virtual target shooting game and handily won over the latest team to beat the defending champs Boston Celtics. The Lakers won 130-113, a final score that kinda looks like one from the high-scoring 1980's. The 130 points is currently the highest point total for the Lakers this season, with contributions from Kobe Bryant (31 points), Derek Fisher (19 points) and Sasha Vujacic (17 points). All the Lakers who played in the game scored at least two points.

The fourth quarter was virtually garbage time-- heck there was even a Sun Yue sighting towards the end of the game and pine-rider Josh Powell had extended PT in the closing quarter

BTW, this game is the last for the Lakers in 2008.

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