January 16, 2009

Damn You, Roger Mason, Jr.!

Normally, I would happy whenever Roger Mason, Jr. of the San Antonio Spurs scores 18 points and shoots 3 three-balls, since he's in my NBA Fantasy Team.

But not this time.

Mason's good shooting and his dagger 3-point play in the dying seconds of game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Spurs were key elements in the Spurs' 112-111 victory.

That game is now part of the much-chronicled rivalry between the two teams. With the Spurs' play has picking up in the last couple of months, the Lakers may have found their nemesis this coming playoffs in May. The Spurs are currently second on the Western Conference, despite being behind 5 and a half games to the Lakers.

And when playoffs come, the Lakers' new killer could be Roger Mason, Jr. Darn.

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