January 7, 2009

LeBron James' Traveling Exposed?

The recent "Crab Dribble" brouhaha NBA star LeBron James has stirred up has many people wondering: What exactly is a Crab Dirbble? Jalen Rose offered an explanation of what a Crab Dribble is:

So, a Crab Dribble is the dribble you take while posting up. As we see in the video, King James isn't exactly posting up, and not dribbling when he went for the shot. I'm aware that NBA stars get away with traveling calls but what irks me is LeBron's insistence that he did not travel and maintained that he will continue to use his Crab Dribble in future games.

Whatever LeBron does in his games is his business, but I do hope the Crab Dribble is NOT going to be taught in basketball classes or imitated by youngsters. It's traveling.

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