January 7, 2009

Lakers Bungle in the Fourth Quarter, Lose to Hornets

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered their sixth loss of the season to the New Orleans Hornets, after cold fourth quarter.

The game was pretty much a see-saw battle until the third quarter when both teams were switching leads, but good defense by the Hornets, plus sub-zero shooting by the Lakers in the last quarter gave the Lakers the loss.

Kobe Bryant went on a shooting display on the third quarter, scoring on threes and jumpers, but Chris Paul and David West shredded the Lakers' defense, making Kobe's effort for naught.

If this game was a playoff preview, the Lakers seem to have a tough match-up against David West and his perimeter game. He was defended by Pau Gasol for most of the game, yet West ended up with almost a career night. I guess the Lakers should learn from this game and find a way to stop David West in future meetings.

This game was also double black-eye for the Lakers: Lamar Odom was injured! He had a hyper-extended knee and could be out for a while.

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