February 24, 2008

Battle of L.A.: Lakers Trump Clippers; Top Western Conference

The Los Angeles Lakers shot and shared the ball all the way to a victory over the hometown rival Clippers, to a score of 113-95. The Clips never recovered after a strong third quarter by Lakers when it extended the half-time lead to double digits.

The win also put the Lakers as the number 1 team in the Western conference standings, coupled with the New Orleans Hornets loss to the San Antonio Spurs. The last time the Lakers were atop the Western Conference standings, Andrew Bynum injured his knee and Trevor Ariza broke his foot. That started the chain of events that led to the much loved and much hated Gasol Acquisition (or Gasol Theft, depending on your perspective).

Will this reign of the Western Conference be another short-lived stint? Time will tell; the Lakers are set to face the Seattle Supersonics, Portland Trailblazers and the struggling Miami Heat before the month ends.



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  3. Pau Gasol has made such a big different for this team and has also made Lamar a better player. Because Gasol can operate 12 to 15 feet from the hoop,this gives cutters like Lamar more room to operate. This has made the offense run so much smoother.

  4. I think that now the Lakers are at the top of the West it may be hard to get them out of that position for the rest of the regular season. I think they are definitely are a top 3 seed in the end.

  5. Very well said kelly!

    I agree with you on the Gasol observation. But will he mesh with Bynum?

  6. Confused:

    I think the Lakers will get home court advantage for the 2nd round at the very least.



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