January 28, 2009

No Kobe? No Win for Lakers

Talk about a roller coaster game.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the lowly Charlotte Bobcats in a double-overtime duel that featured Kobe Bryant fouling out of the game in the first OT. The game had a LOT of lead changes in the fourth quarter and overtime periods and the outcome of the game was decided in the last minute of the 2nd OT when the Bobcats made plays down the stretch and Andrew Bynum missed a jump hook that could have tied the game.

The game was frustrating because the Lakers could have sealed the deal with a six point lead in the last 2 minutes of the first OT, but poor defense and poor execution did it for them. The loss of Kobe in the game obviously hurt the Lakers, but for some reason, I'm not entirely surprised the Lakers lost. For the last three seasons, the Bobcats have the Lakers' number, winning four of their last five meetings.

The breaks of the game were going for and against the Lakers' favor when they rallied to force OT, but failed to win. Trevor Ariza left the game in the first half due to a concussion ans Pau Gasol was a non-factor.

Argh! Darned Bobcats.

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