May 28, 2009

It's Official: Dahntay Jones is a Dirty Player

There's one dirty player in the 2009 Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets.

Yes, I'm referring you Dahntay Jones.

Undoubtedly, Jones makes his money in the NBA playing defense. I used to think he was along the lines of Shane Battier, his Duke co-alum: a player who plays pesky defense the "right" way. But in the match-up between the Lakers and Nuggets, it's pretty apparent that Jones has gone to the dark side. To wit:

To be honest, I don't know why Jones has to resort to dirty tactics to defend Kobe Bryant. I mean, he has the athleticism to get in a players face, he has demonstrated he has the tenacity to challenge shots consistently, and more importantly, he played for Mike Krzyzewski for crying out loud. But for all his skills and training, Dahntay Jones has opted to become a dirty player.

Congratulations Dahntay Jones, you are dirty player. You will make these folks at the NBA Dirty Players Club proud:

Raja Bell:

James Posey:

And of course, dirty player extraordinaire, Bruce Bowen:

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