May 26, 2009

How the Lakers Lost Game Four


The Los Angeles Lakers will look at that score and realize that their loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game Four in the Western Conference Finals was more than just bad breaks. It was a clear case of getting outclassed by an opponent in one game.

How were the Lakers outclassed? Let me enumerate:

  • Board work - The front-line of Nene, Kenyon Martin, and Chris "Birdman" Andersen went nuts against the Lakers in Game Four. The trio had a total of 42 rebounds. The Lakers as a team collected 40 rebounds.
  • Defense - The Nuggets got the edge on the Lakers in almost all defensive categories. Name it: blocks, steals, defensive field goal percentage. The Lakers were undoubtedly out-hustled.
  • Offensive execution - The Nuggets shot better and took care of the ball better. Perhaps the Lakers have been affected by the fatigue from playing 15 playoff games at this point.
  • Bench play - J.R. Smith was huge for the Nuggets. He hit three-balls more than anyone in he game. Linas Klieza also contributed well off the bench. The Lakers? The bench shot poorly (6-for-27) and the worst offender was Lamar Odom (1-for-8).
As you can see, the Lakers were outplayed in key aspects of the game. If the previous three games were close, Game Four was busted open because of the Lakers' poor team play and lack of attention on the "energy" facets.

I just hope the Lakers regroup and gather themselves for a strong Game Five in Los Angeles.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Regnard. I was eagerly awaiting your post about game four. :-)

    Now, the reason why the Lakers lost...wait for it...bad coaching. The Denver Nuggest pulled out a new offensive strategy against the Lakers and the coaching staff did nothing to make the Lakers play defense.

    I fear a 3-2 advantage for the Lakers. It can happen...ask the Cavs



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