June 10, 2009

Kobe Fumbles Game 3 Away

With just a half minute left in Game Three of the 2009 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers were trailing the Orlando Magic by two points, 102-104. It was oddly a close game considering the Magic shot an ureal 75% from the field in the first half and has held Kobe Bryant to a dismal shooting in the second half.

Kobe dribbled just passed the the midcourt line, and he was determined to attack the Orlando Magic defense. Pau Gasol was ready to give him a pick near the three-point line, and the Magic's Mickeal Pietrus was approaching Kobe on defense.

Gasol set the pick and Kobe began his drive to the hoop. Kobe made his patented difficult jumpers in the first quarter (7-8 from the field, good for 17 points), and the crowd is wondering if the former MVP will pull up for another dagger of a jumper or drive strong to the hoop to draw the foul. His quick first step was well-timed and as he was about to make his move, he seemed like he was going to redeem himself from the free throws he missed a few minutes back.

But something went wrong.

Mickael Pietrus, was able to deflect the ball from Kobe's hands as he moved around Gasol's pick. Kobe was perturbed and fumbled the ball. No one had complete control of the basketball for a few split seconds until Gasol grabbed the ball as he fell on his back on the floor. He tried to pass it back to Kobe but there was Pietrus again, deflecting the ball until it flew towards the Magic's side of the court.

You could feel the early jubilation form the Orlando crowd as Pietrus was able to gain possession of the ball and Kobe was left with no choice but to commit the quick foul. The French swingman made the following free throws and that was virtually the game winner for the Orlando Magic. The first franchise victory earned at the expense of the Los Angeles Lakers, thanks to a Kobe Bryant turnover.



  1. Can't tell if you are upset at Kobe or not. I am not mad at him. The Magic rely on their three shots to win the game and that is what happen. I would get upset about the free throws missed if anything. But to cause a turnover; luck of the draw. They had another opportunity and missed out on that.

  2. this is exactly the scene that stuck on my mind -mayee



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