November 23, 2009

Kobe Bryant Shots Highlight Lakers Win Over Thunder

If I say that the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, the reaction would be like "Ho-hum. Nothing new here folks."

If you ask me the real highlights were the last two minutes of the first quarter when Kobe Bryant hit two amazing shots as the Lakers pulled away from the Thunder. The first highlight was the over the backboard shot as Kobe was bumped by Thunder rookie James Harden. Kobe was about to step out of bounds when he shot the ball with a very arc that made its way to the bottom of the net.

Here's a video of that shot:

The next great Kobe shot was a buzzer-beater as the first quarter ended. Well, Kobe has had his share of buzzer beaters but what makes this notable is that Kobe made this shot with his left hand. (Kobe is right handed). He picked up the loose ball and flung it hurriedly. The balled kissed glass and went in. The shot really looks like a lucky strike, but it still looks great nonetheless.

Here's that shot:

Those two shots undoubtedly make the game results a lot more interesting. And I'm pretty sure nobody said "ho-hum" to those shots.

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