November 20, 2009

NBA Beware: Pau is Back!

Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times / November 19, 2009

Let's do some simple arithmetic: 

Pau Gasol + Los Angeles Lakers = ?.

As we saw in the game against the Chicago Bulls, you don't need to be a mathematician to see what the answer is.

After missing 11 games, Pau Gasol returned to the Laker's starting lineup and scored 24 point and grabbed 13 rebounds to lead the team to a 108-93 win over the Bulls. Gasol was pretty active on the floor despite still getting back to game condition. He even said "I was looking forward to the first timeout" to reflect his continuing journey to get back into shape.

Gasol's return also reduced the scoring load on Kobe Bryant. Kobe scored 21 points but he got enough points to eclipse Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's franchise scoring mark. Only Jerry West is ahead of Kobe in the franchise scoring list. Assuming Kobe continues his average of 30 points per game till the end of the season and plays all the remaining games, he will eclipse The Logo's mark by the All-Star break next year. (A supporting point in Kobe's case as the Lakers' All-time best Scorer)

Going back to Pau Gasol, this serves as a warning to the rest of the league that the Lakers are even more dangerous with their length back and offensive prowess aligning with every game. If you even do more math, here's a formula the rest of the league is staring fearfully:

Pau Gasol + Los Angeles Lakers = Lakers FTW!

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