December 1, 2009

Lakers Stomp Nets into Record Books

Man, you gotta feel for the New Jersey Nets.

On a night when they were one game away from tying the NBA's record for most consecutive losses to open the season-- a night most teams would consider a "must win"-- the Nets had to face a dominant Los Angeles Lakers squad. How dominant? The Lakers snuffed any hopes of a Nets' victory as early as the first quarter. The play that represented the Nets' misery was that lay-up attempt by Raefer Alston towards the end of the first quarter. He was on his way for an easy shot when Jordan Farmar did his best LeBron James impression and got Alston with a mean chasedown block.

But you really can't blame for the Lakers for being too good because the Nets are bad. And I mean real bad, plain and simple.

The Nets were without star Devin Harris from for a good chunk of the losing streak and his return has not yet yielded a "W." Brook Lopez is solid piece in the middle but is a few years away from being an elite center if you ask me. The rest of the team? Let's just say Lakers benchwarmer Adam Morrison can crack the Nets' rotation.

With the 106-87 victory, the Lakers have stamped the Nets' 2009-2010 season legacy with a dubious record of tying the Miami Heat (1989) and the Los Angeles Clippers (1999). The Nets seem to be continuing the trend that a sucky team will match the losing record for at least every ten years.

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