December 10, 2009

My Prediction That Came True: Lakers Win Streak to 10 Games

I knew it!

I predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers would be the first team in the NBA this season to post a 10-game winning streak. And that streak reached 10 games when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Utah Jazz in a lopsided fashion.

To wit: the Utah Jazz was held to 25 points in the second half; the Lakers scored 25 points in the third quarter alone. This man-handling of the Jazz included a 6-point stinker in the fourth quarter for the Utah team that found immense difficulty to find the bottom of the net. The Jazz only made two (yes two!) field goals in the fourth quarter.

This scary thing is that the Lakers could extend the winning streak for two more weeks as they will face four teams with losing records, plus the Utah Jazz again. I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers bring this streak to  17 games before the meet the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas Day.

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