January 16, 2010

3 Trades I'd Like to See

The trading deadline is a few weeks away and as always, speculation on the trades that may happen before the deadline is a hobby most NBA enthusiasts share around this time. Apart from the perceived value of players matching, salaries must more or less be equal for trades to happen, thus it makes the ESPN Trade Machine a nice toy to play around with since it has a comprehensive list of player salaries and an algorithm that verifies potential trades.

I was playing around with the ESPN Trade Machine and looking for nice trades the Los Angeles Lakers would explore to continue their domination of the NBA. The Lakers' most tradeable assets are Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison. Those two have expiring contracts that are attractive to teams who are excited to take a splash in the free agency bonanza this year.

The Lakers' biggest need right now, if you ask me, is ta reliable back-up point guard who can takeover Derek Fisher's minutes and a reliable big man. Here are three trades I'd like to see involving Jordan Farmar and Adam Morrison:
  1. Lakers trade for the Toronto Raptors' Jose Calderon
  2. Lakers trade for the Philadelphia 76ers' Louis Williams and Royal Ivey
  3. Lakers trade for the Golden State Warriors' CJ Watson, Anthony Morrow, and Ronnie Turiaf
What do you guys think?

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