January 22, 2010

Argh! The Lakers Lose Again to the Cavs!

I hate to say this but the Cleveland Cavaliers have the Los Angeles Lakers' number.

No thanks to a couple of late game breakdowns, the Lakers are now 0-2 against the surging Cavs. With the Lakers trailing by 2 points with 24 seconds left, Pau Gasol had a chance to tie the game with a couple of free throws off a Daniel Gibson foul. The result? Two bricks! Two freakin; bricks!

At the next possession, the Lakers send LeBron James to the free throw line. "King James" makes the first and misses the second. Instead of a defensive rebound, the Ron Artest was called for a loose ball foul! Anderson Varejao makes the two free throws and the Lakers are down five points with eleven seconds left.
Kobe Bryant and Artest miss wild-looking three pointers and the Cavs eventually come away with the win.

After leading by as much as 11 points in the first half, the Lakers just let the Cavs crawl back into the game and set themselves up for a massive choke job in the final minute. The champs are definitely not comfortable by the new found toughness the Cavs have been displaying in the last couple of months.

I really hate say this but the best team in the NBA won the game off of the defending champs' miscues.


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