February 8, 2010

It's Official: Kobe Bryant is Banged-up

Almost a month ago, I blogged the Los Angeles Lakers should rest Kobe Bryant. Why? Because he's freakin' injured, that's why.

As of now, the Lakers have placed Kobe's status as "day-to-day," meaning it will be a game time decision whether will suit up because of injuries he got in the last few weeks. We all know Kobe is a warrior, as he has played through injuries other NBA players would seek some months off. Now, Kobe's warrior-like mentality could be finally taking its toll on his body.

I'm seeing a pattern here: Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and now Kobe Bryant. These NBA superstars were drafted and entered the league almost at the same time (late 90's) and age is now an issue with their generation of players.

To illustrate, here's where I think Kobe's career is:

Kobe has already missed two games and I think it's warranted. Heck, I think he should skip the 2010 All-Star game if the Lakers want longer term success.

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