February 9, 2010

Spurs Feel the Lakers' Pau-er

With Kobe Bryant out with an injury, the Los Angeles Lakers needed someone to step up.

And step up someone did. Big time.

Pau Gasol scored 21 point, grabbed 19 rebounds, dished 8 assists, and swatted 5 shots to lead the Lakers over their Western Conference rival San Antonio Spurs, 101-89.

Gasol's huge game led the Lakers' collective attack as not only was Bryant sidelined, Andrew Bynum was also out because of a hip injury. Five Lakers scored in double figures despite a poor shooting night: Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, and Jordan Farmar. This just shows that the Lakers, even with two starters out, have enough depth to compete with elite teams.

If you ask me, the team needs games like these from time to time-- games where major pieces like Bryant and Bynum are out to test the rest of the team's mettle. These games will give the team experience to draw upon when facing tough opponents and adapt based on the Lakers personnel available.

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