April 7, 2010

Seriously, Can the Lakers Repeat?

I'm back after my brief blogging hiatus (I took a break for the Lenten season) and I took that time to rest and witness how the Los Angeles Lakers drop four games out of their last six.

The stretch that saw them losing to playoff teams (Oklahoma City Thunder, Atlanta Hawks, San Antonio Spurs) and a lottery-bound one (the New Orleans Hornets) doesn't really inspire confidence. Add to that the way how the Lakers lost to the Thunder, Hawks, and Spurs-- the Lakers were shut down and were held to just 82 points, 20 points below their team average. Not that the games were throwbacks to the low-scoring games of the 1990's. The Lakers were beat by an average of 17 freakin' points.

This now brings me to a reality check: seriously, can the Lakers repeat as NBA champions? They did win without homecourt advantage (but that's more due to the Orlando Magic's elimination of the Cleveland Cavaliers).

What do you think?

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