June 2, 2010

Mind Games Before the 2010 NBA Finals

Let's do a little math: Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals was May 29 and Game 1 of the NBA Finals will be on June 3. How many days do fans have to wait? That's five days. (For fans that's like an eternity times five).

What happens on those five days? Folks have to endure the different angles Big Media will take on the storied Los Angeles Lakers-Boston Celtics match-up. (Ho-hum) There will also be coverage on how the two teams are preparing coming into the Finals, plus the numerous injuries are recuperating from. (Yeah, ho-hum indeed).

But what I personally like about the seemingly boring stories that supposed to build-up the NBA Finals is the little psych war going on. Yes, I believe that statements made by each camps are meant to influence the tides of the NBA Finals.

Just look at the stories that are taking the NBA headlines:
If you ask me, the stories above are smokescreens and reverse psychology at work. Phil Jackson has been the Zen/Jedi Master who seem to condition the mindsets of the officials and public before a mwjor playoff series. Doc Rivers made a comments that's sure to have an effect on Kendrick Perkins and.or the refs.

The 2010 NBA Finals is still a two days away and let's enjoy the off court battles and games going on.

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