July 27, 2010

Pau Gasol Visit Ethiopia

Some Los Angeles Lakers team members are still busy in the off-season.

Pau Gasol just returned from Ethiopia as part of his role as Spain's ambassador to Unicef. In Ethiopia, LA Lakers star visited UNICEF-supported education, protection and nutrition programmes. “This trip has been the confirmation that many kids in the world, millions of kids, need our help”, said Gasol. Pau Gasol is now supporting education, nutrition and child protection programmes in Ethiopia.

The trip also supported Gasol's initial interest in medicine and health before basketball. He had the opportunity to learn about the Community Based Nutrition Program. Through this program, members of the community work on measures to prevent, identify and treat cases of children suffering from malnutrition, a major underlying factor contributing to child mortality in Ethiopia.

At the end of this field trip, Pau Gasol highlighted the work being carried out for children: "The most promising thing was to see how UNICEF is working in many of this communities allowing and giving the chance to this families and kids to go to school and receive an education.

If you ask me, this is another reason to root for members of the Lakers and makes "The Decision" look more like a farce.

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