November 28, 2010

Damn You, Utah Jazz!

Damn you, Utah Jazz!

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost only three times so far this season and, as a fan, I feel the loss against the Utah Jazz hurt the most.

Why? Because I think the Lakers should have won that game. Period.

Yes, the Utah Jazz is a pretty competitive team and Utah is a hard place to play in, especially with the crowd having a "special" place for the Lakers. (The Lakers have been dominating the Jazz in the playoffs in recent years). But you don't lose a safe lead with two minutes to go and lose by a margin more than you lost.

The Lakers, leading the NBA in scoring, failed to score in the last 2:31 in what could have been a gritty victory against the NBA's "comeback kids." Instead, the Jazz wen on an 11-0 blitz and left the Lakers reeling. It also hurt that the shot-clock "malfunctioned" and gave the Jazz a slight edge. Was this home cooking? I don't know but the Jazz have always been comfortable playing in Salt Lake City.

As for the Lakers, this is a time to regroup and avoid another losing streak. Sheesh.

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