May 21, 2012

Odds Not in Lakers' Favor

Down 1-3, the odds are not looking good for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The last time the Lakers were down 1-3, they succumbed to the Boston Celtics in the 2008 NBA Finals. If you ask me, this version of the Lakers team has yet to show a fight when down that deep. In this Western Semi-Final against the much improved Oklahoma City Thunder, I foresee a similar ending in the 2008 Finals.

Even in the NBA, only a few teams have recovered from a 1-3 series deficit, with the Lakers being a victim of the Phoenix Suns in 2006, when the Suns climbed out of a 1-3 hole behind Steve Nash.

If you ask the oddsmakers, the Lakers are not in good shape. The current line for the Lakers is 9/1, or 10%. That's pretty low, considering there are eight teams in the second round of the NBA playoffs. If you think about it, if all teams had equal chance to win the crown, the odds of one team winning is 12.5%

In any case, the quest for the franchise's 17th championship and Kobe Bryant's sixth ring is likely to end in the next few days.

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