April 28, 2007

Kwame Brown on Youtube

In honor of Kwame Brown's strong performance in yesterday's Game 3, here's a little mix I found in YouTube:

The music in the video isn't that cool, though.

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  1. ayo Kwam, dont let up mann. i just saw ur youtube video and u looked like a very efficient center...(good foot work underneath/around the basket, good jumping ability, good D, & finishing baskets w/ that strong hard body that nobody can compete w/ and everybody is scared of).U R fast & quick & u we're bangin on sum fools mann.U were sick mann! I mean, that was u...AND ITS STILL U! I know people/fans are getting tired of ur performances but u know what...JUST FORGET 'EM...JUST DO U. Dont prove it to them...PROVE IT TO YOURSELF...dont u wanna, prove it to yourself. First things first, u gotta BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST w/ God in your heart..(FIRST & UTMOST)
    Just like kobe says...the team gotta work hard by getting to the gym early and staying after even when practice is over. I say listen to kobe's advise and practice ur game mann...ur personal game. Get that CONFIDENCE back up in u. I know u still got it. Last night's game (1/17/08 vs Pheonix) was still just 1 game...a Lost but it is still 1 game and its still early in the season, it's not over yet! So please Kwam, get out there, practice,practice,practice, do whatever u gotta do to get back on banging on fools again. I'm still a fan of yours and I think I know what it is...it's ur head game. I think u think too much especially on the court. Believe me, I am the
    same or I was the same...hopefully
    I got better at it. But all u gotta do is just do it...no thinking. Just go natural. I think in order to let "natural" have a smooth flow, that's when practice comes into play. And w/ the practices, comes ur confidence back. U tend to
    rush yourself...just let go, be natural,let it flow and just take ur time w/ it. Same thing, on or off the court, take ur time. Remember, it's ur time, no one else's...so believe in yourself and achieve it. BEST OF LUCK TO U KWAME. Still a fan...DIRTY from LA



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