April 30, 2007

Steve Nash knows how to dismantle the Lakers

23 assists?!?

That's the number Steve Nash had in Game 4 of the Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns first round series. Of course, it's not hard to imagine that's the primary reason the Lakers lost 113-100 and are on the brink of being eliminated the second straight time.

Again, the amazing stat here is the Lakers' 21 assists for the game. It shows how the Suns sharp execution on offense, coupled with the Lakers' weak defense, is making this series a Sweep with an Asterisk.*

Kobe needs help and fast. Lamar Odom just doesn't cut it. Luke Walton is wilting in the playoffs (7 turnovers for the game?!?). We need trades in the off-season!

Speaking of trades, Jermaine O'Neal is starting to look like the inside presense the Lakers need to get past the Suns and the Mavs of the world. KG is even better, although a real long shot if you ask me.

If I'm talking about the off-season during the playoffs, that means I can see the series ending in Phoenix.
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