April 16, 2007

The Lakers are in the NBA Playoffs!

The Lakers offiicially in the NBA Playoffs!

Winning 109-98 over the Seattle Supersonics sealed the deal for the Lakers. While the game continued the trend of losing leads, Kobe was dope in the clutch. His 10th (yes, 10th) 50-pointer of the season was instrumental in stopping the Sonic rally.

The question now is whether the Lakers will be seeded seventh or eight in the Western Conference. Being 7th means facing the Phoneix Suns, while being 8th is a date with the Dallas Mavericks. The final seeding will be determined on their last game of the season against the Sacramento Kings. Winning that game assures the Lakers of the higher seeding.

While both the Suns and Mavericks are powerhouse teams, I'm hoping the Lakers will face the Suns for the simple fact that it's a grudge match stemming from last season's series. What will be seeing in this season's playoff match-up? A Raja Bell Special Part 2? We're seeing a rivalry in the making here.
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