April 14, 2007

Top 9 L.A. Lakers Playoff Villains from the last 10 years

Over the last decade, the Lakers have seen a great deal of success and failures against teams, but one thing that I have looked forward to is the match-ups against rivals, especially in the playoffs. If the NBA were a Hollywood movie, for me the Lakers would be the Heroes and the rivals would be the Villains.

I'm sure every Laker fan has a couple of players they just hate to the gut. The cursing, the shouting, and cussing these players generated from Laker fans must have reminded other people of the Magic-Bird rivalry. And I'm pretty sure that the reason they hate those players is because of the losses the Lakers had against their team.

Here's my list of most hated players, or L.A. Lakers Villains (in no order):
  1. John Stockton - Ugh! Sweeping the Lakers twice gave him a place in my list. Plus, what's with his shorts?
  2. Karl Malone - (See John Stockton). But I kinda forgave him when he suited up for the Lakers in 2oo3.
  3. Tim Duncan - There's something about the dullness of the Spurs that make me happy when the Lakers win over them.
  4. Mike Bibby - This guy has to thank the Lakers inability to defend point guards for his claim to fame.
  5. Bruce Bowen - I'm sure there are a good number of non-Laker fans who feel the same way.
  6. Raja Bell - His Clothesline-Heard-'Round-The World is enough to make me despise him in just two seasons.
  7. Rasheed Wallace - During his Portland days, he was aready such a headache. He basically gave the Pistons the title on 2004.
  8. Vlade Divac - "Floppy" Divac was hated because of his, um, flops.
  9. Chauncey Billups - "Mr. Bigshot" was a virtual nobody prior to him being the Finals MVP, at the Lakers' expense, of course.


  1. Okay, admittedly the genesis of the hate began prior to your 10 year window, but I've hated him still during that time.

    How about at least an honorable mention for Bill Lamebeer?

    He was such a goon back in the day and was part of the reason for the animosity we already had when we matched up with the Pistons in the Finals a few years back.

    Good post and I have enjoyed scoping out your blog. I don't get many Lakers buddies down here in the Lone Star State.

  2. Yeah,

    I hated Bill Laimbeer... That feeling is only thing we have in common with the Bulls and Celtics fans. :P

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