July 15, 2007

Kevin Durant: Don't Believe the Hype... Yet

Kevin Durant, 2nd Pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, seems to be on the path of the Joe Smiths, Kwame Browns and (gasp!) Michael Olowakandis of the world-- straight to Bustville.

His play on the summer leagues has been very spotty at best. He has shown he is very willing to shoot (albeit at a poor percentage), but has no interest whatsoever in passing, rebounding and playing defense. And this guy is the new cornerstone of the new-look Seattle Supersonics.

While he is indeed a few months removed from the NCAA tournament, his struggles in watered down competition is disturbing indeed. Imagine him squaring up against Tracy McGrady, LeBron James and even Carmelo Anthony. Durant will no doubt go head-to-head with them in shot attempts, but can you forsee Durant holding elite players to even below 20 points?

If I'm a Sonics fan, I'll be very patient. Kevin Durant and the Sonics won't be winning a lot in the 2007-2008 NBA season.



  1. Sonics are going to be absolutely awful this season. Think about we were one of the worst teams last year with Rashard and Ray now both are gone and Kevin Durant and Jeff Green have replaced them. Long term they may very well be the better combo. Not next year though.

    C'mon Durant pass the rock!

  2. You said it dude. Sonics won't win 25 games next season.

  3. The Sonics will win 30 games next year. Kevin Durant may average about 17 points per game but will only shoot about 41% from the field. Kevin will become a great scorer but the other aspects of his game are suspect.

  4. @dubyag9:

    41%? That's a bit generous. I'm thinking along the lines of Antoine Walker-ish FG%.



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